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The Storyteller ChairThe Storyteller Chair

The Storyteller Chair

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Children love stories! Sharing stories is an essential part of their development in school and is not just used for the launch pad it offers into reading and writing.

Stories tell us so much about the world we live in and the people and animals we share it with. Storytime is an exciting time for children as they settle down into an expectant mood ready to have their imaginations stretched and stimulated.

Creating the right environment for storytelling is just as important as the story itself, you need a place to retreat so the audience and the storyteller are not disturbed.

With our beautiful recucled plastic chair this is possible, imagine a corner of your playground or playing field where you can retreat and get the children focused and settled for storytime.

The chair can also be used for creating an outdoor teaching environment, we offer benches and stools enabling you to create the perfect teaching environment.

With our chair we offer a bespoke service so you can have any design on the back of your chair at no extra cost.









We recommend that this chair is to be installed. If you have any questions give us call.