Colourful Playground Markings for Schools

October 4, 2019

Are you looking to update your school playground in 2019? Have you got a dull area of tarmac that’s screaming out for colourful markings?

Playground markings are one of the easiest ways to get children playing together and enjoying the outdoors. They take little time to be applied and last for many years.

Whether your current markings have faded away or you have a space that’s never been marked, Playscene can create designs that immediately spark children’s imaginations and liven up that dull tarmac.

We can create all sorts of designs which include classic hopscotches and snakes & ladders.

No matter if you’re looking to have board games, footprints, number grids or animals on your school playground, Playscene are happy to help. We offer both painted markings and Thermoplastic playground markings , both of which are extremely hard-wearing and come with a minimum three-year guarantee.

We offer a 3 year guarantee on both Thermoplastic playground and Traditional painted markings.

One of the UK’s premier providers of playground equipment, Playscene can provide everything needed to create the perfect outside space. We’ve created exciting playgrounds for school and communities all over the UK and our catalogue includes many exciting products and markings to choose from.

If you’re looking for playground markings for schools, find out more about Playscene today.