Inclusion Play

December 19, 2019

Playscene outdoor playgrounds accommodate all children, no matter their ability or social or educational background.

Playscene playground developments are all-encompassing ensuring that children of differing abilities - particularly different physical abilities - feel they belong, are engaged, and connected.

Our personal level of consultation has allowed us to develop a wealth of knowledge around special needs and inclusion that we continue to develop with every new school we encounter.

We believe that inclusion does not only lie in the design of our products but also in the way they are utilised and positioned in the outdoor playground area, such as understanding that stepping posts for able bodied children, if positioned with consideration, can become a slalom course for wheel chair and crutch users. It is not only our products but our experiences which have allowed us to create outdoor playground areas for all.

Playscene believes in providing equal opportunities for all children through the right balance of play elements in an outdoor playground.