Play Elements

December 19, 2019

The Playscene elements are key to our products and outdoor playground schemes.

They give you a guide to the play value in each item of playground equipment. They allow us to create balanced, considered, and exciting outdoor playground schemes.

Physical play

Physical Play Developing key muscle groups, balance and co-ordination

Role play

Role Play Acting out roles and performing

Social play

Social Play Interacting and co-operating with others.

Creative play

Creative Play Creating, developing and expressing ideas.

Free play

Free Play Uninhibited and limitless opportunities.

Prescriptive play

Prescriptive Play Structured actions, games and activities.

Interactive play

Interactive Play Activity and actions reward with reactions

Our play elements are about creating a holistic and balanced school grounds development.

Ensuring all the elements are present in a playground creates equal opportunities for all children to play no matter what their abilities and preferences.