School Playground Equipment - Attractive, Energizing & Safe

December 19, 2019

School playground equipment, Playscene school playground equipment, timber trails, outdoor classrooms, play towers, play cabins we’ve noticed something that many other providers of school playground equipment have failed to realise:

''children don't play on school playground equipment, they imaginatively inhabit the spaces the play environment provides.''

For children, a school play environment is a world to inhabit and explore with roles to play out and challenges to overcome.

At Playscene it is not enough for us to supply equipment - bits of wood, rope, and metal - we are delighted to help schools fashion playground equipment into play environments in which worlds of play can be created. This can be formed out of one piece of equipment or many. But the results are the same.

Attractive to Parents

Bright, colourful, and sensitively designed school play equipment enhances a school's environment catching the eye of new and existing parents.

Energising to Children, Invaluable to Educators

With worlds to explore, children can readily be guided to learn new things.

Flexible play systems allow educators to exploit a range of learning opportunities moving in a light and easy way through the education objectives before them.

Safe and Robust

Children love to be physically challenged and will take the play equipment to its limits.

Thankfully, British and European safety standards exist to ensure that the risk of injury is minimised, and all our equipment is Very Safe because it fully satisfies these requirements.